Sunday, June 19, at 10:00 a.m. to put the final touches on Bible Camp week. We would like to meet with all Teen Helpers, Adult helpers with Crafts as well as the Snack Team.

BIBLE CAMP TO BEGIN ON MONDAY, JUNE 20TH, AT 6:00 P.M. – Please come through the entrance to the Parish Social Hall for check in.

An ADULT EDUCATION CLASS ON THE EUCHARIST will be held at the same time as our Bible Camp Week, beginning Monday, June 20th, at 6:00 p.m. Please contact Sr. Linda if you plan to attend. 814-742-7894.

REGISTRATIONS FOR KINDERGARTEN, FIRST GRADE AND NEW STUDENTS TO OUR RELIGIOUS EDUCATION PROGRAM are now being accepted for the 2022-23 Religious Education year. Forms can be found in the Vestibule of the Church and can be returned to Sr. Linda’s Mailbox which is on the Office door in the Chapel.


NEW PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL MEMBERS WELCOMED – We welcome three new members to our Parish Pastoral Council: Peter Gardella Jr. Filomena Long, and Dominic Tornatore.  




THANK YOU CATECHISTS – We want to thank our Grade and High School students for a powerful year of teaching and dedication to Catechetical Ministry: Chrissy Shura, Jessica Steinbauer, Cheryl Weyandt, Anna Lovrich, Miranda Tornatore, Germaine Crocker, Jeanne Chestney, Dina Morrissey, Nadia Andrews, Nick Lovrich, Jackie Gulvas- Substitute, Dominic Tornatore- Helper and Dylan Andrews- Teacher Aide.

THANK YOU Paul Krug, parish Photographer, for a job well done with the First Communion Pictures. Your work was outstanding. Thank you Louise Krug for assisting Paul with line up and ordering of photo’s.


Jan 1st: 560 $150 – Steve Hoover
Jan 2nd: 734 $50 – Tom Finn
Jan 3rd: 028 $25 – Maegan Halbedl
Jan 4th: 653 $25 – Terri & Lou Colabove
Jan 5th: 192 $25 – Kai Nichols
Jan 6th: 310 $25 – Carey Musselman
Jan 7th: 652 $25 – Jason Kost
Jan 8th: 429 $25 – Angela Alley
Jan 9th: 865 $50 – Linda Elvey
Jan 10th: 585 $25 Joe Montrella
Jan 11th: 469 $25 Andrew Farrell
Jan 12th: 198 calendar not sold
Jan 13th: 160 $25 Missy Tonkin
Jan 14th: 712 $25 Tammy Walters
Jan 15th: 636 $25 Danielle Geis
Jan 16th: calendar not sold
Jan 17th: 483 $75 Finn Bailey
Jan 18th: 147 $25 Robert Bennett
Jan 19th: 953 $25 Bo DelGrosso
Jan 20th: 247 $25 Donald Schirf
Jan 21st: 162 $25 Sherrell Whiteford
Jan 22nd: 764 $25 Irvin Parks
Jan 23rd: 791 calendar not sold
Jan 24th: 324 $25 Justine Molinick
Jan 25th: 933 $25 Vicky Hanwell
Jan 26th: 283 $25 Chris Bouley
Jan 27th: 491 $25 Dale Woomer
Jan 28th: 741 $25 Christopher Woomer
Jan 29th: 770 $25 Joe Beeler
Jan 30th: 592 calendar not sold
Jan 31st: 322 $25 Theresa Rachael
Feb 1st: 833 $25 Dennis Yingling
Feb 2nd: 527 $25 Evelyn Whitaker
Feb 3rd: 935 $25 Brian Rice
Feb 4th: 145 $25 Charlie Tennis
Feb 5th: 730 $25 Art Partner
Feb 6th: 238 $50 Alec Steinbauer
Feb 7th: 700 $25 Carl Crider Jr
Feb 8th: 513 $25 Gabrielle Musselman
Feb 9th: 098 calendar not sold
Feb 10th: 053 $25 June Yingling
Feb 11th: 256 $25 Jim/Deb Tornatore
Feb 12th: 544 calendar not sold
Feb 13th: 501 $50 Jared & Sam Woomer
Feb 14th: 071 calendar not sold
Feb 15th: 925 $25 Mary Agnes Riggle
Feb 16th: 606 $25 Gloria Stultz
Feb 17th: 628 $25 Madeline Fisher
Feb 18th: 932 $25 Greg & Jen Mallon
Feb 19th: 281 $25 Bo DelGrosso
Feb 20th: 487 $50 Nicole Carruthers
Feb 21st: 933 $75 Vicky Hanwell
Feb 22nd: 370 $25 Paul Tomchick
Feb 23rd: 478 $25 Barbara Snyder
Feb 24th: 667 $25 Ted & Bonnie Belis
Feb 25th: 038 $25 Jean Jacobs
Feb 26th: 632 $25 Mary Jane Edmiston
Feb 27th: 938 $50 Pat Partner
Feb 27th Correction 948 $50 Bill Maloney
Feb 28th: 074 calendar not sold
Mar 1st: 187 calendar not sold
Mar 2nd: 239 $25 Lori Bennett
Mar 3rd: 667 $25 Ted & Bonnie Belis
Mar 4th: 350 $25 Cheryl Diebold
Mar 5th: 352 $25 Terry Dietzel
Mar 6th: 759 $50 Mary Walker
Mar 7th: 643 $25 Alex & Deb Sitman
Mar 8th: 803 calendar not sold
Mar 9th: 928 $25 Tom Gutshall
Mar 10th: 983 $25 Jim DelGrosso
Mar 11th: 421 $25 Norm Sibert
Mar 12th: 424 $25 Catherine Campbell
Mar 13th: 676 $50 Sherry DelGrosso
Mar 14th: 585 $25 Joe Montrella
Mar 15th: 579 $25 Lee Owen Sr
Mar 16th: 186 $25 Tiffany Brawley
Mar 17th: 399 $75 Karen Diebold
Mar 18th: 167 $25 Dave Schirf
Mar 19th: 933 $100 Vicky Handle
Mar 20th: 234 $50 Curtis Woodley
Mar 21st: 421 $25 Norm Sibert
Mar 22nd: 581 $25 Michael & Amie Ringler
Mar 23rd: 657 $25 Tiffany & Joe Marvich
Mar 24th: 013 $25 Isola
Mar 25th: 425 $25 Raymond M Hainsey
Mar 26th: 533 $25 Chenoa & Brian RIce
Mar 27th: 025 $50 Cathy McCullough
Mar 28th: 554 $25 Kathy Diebold
Mar 29th: 976 $25 Rylie Andrews
Mar 30th: 652 $25 Jason Kost
Mar 31st: 881 $25 Sharon Megahan
Apr 1st: 978 $25 Bonnie Pfeffer
Apr 2nd: 764 $25 Irvin Parks
Apr 3rd: 385 $50 Linda DelGrosso
Apr 4th: 640 $25 Dina Morrissey
Apr 5th: 506 calendar not sold
Apr 6th: 214 $25 Sean Riggle
Apr 7th: 171 $25 Rosemarie Weinzierl
Apr 8th: 963 calendar not sold
Apr 9th: 220 $25 Scott Davis
Apr 10th: 960 $50 Audrey Gregg
Apr 11th: 105 $25 Bobby Mock Sr
Apr 12th: 294 calendar not sold
Apr 13th: 477 $25 Debbie Shelow
Apr 14th: 926 $25 Mary Burns
Apr 15th: 523 $25 Donna Brandt
Apr 16th: 492 $25 Lily Gonsman
Apr 17th: 838 $200 Mary Jo Caracciolo
Apr 18th: 694 calendar not sold
Apr 19th: 556 $25 Bob Whiteford
Apr 20th: 362 $25 John Yingling
Apr 21st: 865 $25 Linda Elvey
Apr 22nd: 200 $50 Mary June Mock
Apr 23rd: 198 calendar not sold
Apr 24th: 430 $50 St Joseph Church

Apr 25th: 437 $25 Alec Steinbauer
Apr 26th: 211 $25 Christopher Schroth
Apr 27th: 802 $25 St Joseph Church
Apr 28th: 160 $25 Missy Tonkin
Apr 29th: 544 calendar not sold
Apr 30th: 833 $25 Dennis Yingling

May 1st:  928 $100  Tom Gutshall

May 2nd: 467 $25 Traci Finn
May 3rd: 794 $25 Linda Elvey
May 4th: 804 $25 Dustin Schirf
May 5th: 589 calendar not sold
May 6th: 817 $25 Mary Burns
May 7th: 916 $25 Mary Louise Ball
May 8th: 724 $100 Daniel Geis

May 9th: 784 calendar not sold
May 10th: 382 $25 Andrew Farrell
May 11th: 514 $25 Pete Stetter III
May 12th: 169 $25 Janine Schirf
May 13th: 817 $25 Mary Burns
May 14th: 446 $25 St Joseph Church (donated by DelGrosso)
May 15th: 099 $50 Mikaela Nichols
May 16th: $25 Mary Burns
May 17th: 815 $25 Bill Hatfield

May 18th: 963 calendar not sold
May 19th: 545 $25 Sue Nycum
May 20th: 488 $25 Glen Peter
May 21st: 517 $25 Joan Skarada
May 22nd: 902 calendar not sold
May 23rd: 073 $25 George Wertz
May 24th: 560 $25 Steve Hoover
May 25th: 993 calendar not sold
May 26th: 329 $25 George Wertz
May 27th: 191 $25 Susan Kapfhammer
May 28th: 099 $25 Mikaela Nichols
May 29th: 130 $50 Jack Russin


Inquiry Session

DO YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO MAY HAVE EXPRESSED AN INTER-EST IN BECOMING A CATHOLIC? We are hoping to begin our Inquiry Sessions again for anyone who may be interested in asking about the Catholic Faith. Inquiry means just that – Checking it out. If you know of anyone who may have an interest, please invite them to give Sr. Linda a call at 814-934-0699.


Friday, June 3, 2022 at Scotch Valley Country Club
Registration: 8 a.m.
Golf: 9 a.m.
Lunch/Awards/Auction: 1 p.m.
Benefits the Carmelite Community of the Word Sisters
Questions? Contact Kelli Murphy, Development Director
Phone: 814-886-4098


DISH WASHER FOR SALE: A parishioner donated toward the purchase of a dishwasher for the kitchen in the Church basement. After the purchase and donation was made we found that we were able to get the commercial dishwasher up and running. We are thus seeking to sell the dishwasher which was purchased, and is still in the box, for $700.00. If anyone is interested, please call the church office at 814-742-7075.

Saint Joseph Parish Pastoral Council Nomination Form

Our Parish is looking for leaders who are committed to our parish and our community. As a registered parishioner, you are invited to nominate another parishioner – or yourself – for a three-year term on the Parish Pastoral Council.

Eligible nominees must meet the following criteria:

· Roman Catholic

· Fully initiated in the Faith, i.e. received the Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation

· 18 years old or older

· Active member of the parish

· Not employed as a parish staff member

Please complete the information below and drop it in the collection basket, place it in the suggestion box in the vestibule of church or mail it to the Parish Office at: 623 E. Third Street, Bellwood, PA 16617

Nominations must be received in the Parish Office on or before May 21, 2022.

Nominees will be contacted to determine if they wish to be a candidate for the Council. Nominees will also be invited to an informational meeting with current Council members on __________________ at 7:00 PM

at ________________________ to learn more about Parish Pastoral Council

requirements and mission to help them discern whether they are called

to serve on the Parish Pastoral Council.

Name of Nominee: ____________________________________

Address of Nominee: ___________________________________

Home Telephone: ____________________

Work Telephone: _____________________

E-mail Address: _____________________________________

I make this nomination for the following reasons: _____________________________________________________________________


Submitter: ______________________________

Prayer for Peace in Ukraine

The Bishop is asking the faithful throughout the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown to join him in praying for peace in Ukraine as Russian forces invade the Eastern European country. 

The Bishop stands united in prayer with Ukrainian Catholics in that troubled part of the world and with the local Ukrainian Catholic population here in Central Pennsylvania. During this difficult time, he is inviting everyone to join him in praying the following ancient prayer.   

We fly to Your patronage, O Virgin Mother of God. Despise not our prayers in our needs, but deliver us from all dangers, since you alone are pure and blessed.

O most glorious Ever-Virgin Mary, the Mother of Christ our God, accept our prayers and present them to Your Son and our God, that for the sake of You, He enlighten and save our souls.

“This prayer is a unique part of the spiritual heritage of the Catholic and Orthodox Christians of the Ukraine, dating back to the 10th or 11th century. It is quite similar to the Memorare prayer that most of us learned as children. As we watch the unfolding developments from Ukraine, it is often difficult to process our thoughts and feelings. That’s where a prayer like this can bring calm to our disturbed minds and hearts, and especially to our world.”