THE WEEKEND OF SEPTEMBER 10 & 11, FATHER ROGATUS MPEKA, who is a priest from the diocese of Morogoro, Tanzania will be making a Mission Cooperative Plan appeal which is organized by the Mission Office of our diocese.
The diocese of Morogoro is in desperate need of assistance with the following projects: For the past three years, the diocese has faced an acute food shortage in rural areas due to a lack of rain, and local priests and nuns serving in those poor rural parishes require diocesan assistance.
About three-quarters of the parishes in the diocese of Morogoro are located in poor rural areas where parishioners cannot afford monetary offerings for Masses. Funds are needed to support the orphanage facility run by the diocese. The orphanage facility needs some funds to maintain and care for about 250 orphan children whose ages range from 3 months to 16 years old. The facility also cares for 40 elderly people. Both the orphanage facility and the elderly home are run by African native nuns with support from the diocese. The most urgently needed items at the orphanage facility include milk, food, shoes, clothing, medicine, blankets, mosquito nets, and so on. The orphanage home also requires funds for orphan children’s education and health care. The diocese of Morogoro needs your support to fund its catechetical school, which educates catechists to serve in 68 parishes and 300 sub-parishes in the diocese. This catechetical school is a vital facility in the evangelization effort in the diocese. The school is the only facility where religious teachers in the diocese obtain the necessary training for mission work. Because of a
lack of facilities, this school is also being used as a retreat center. Funding is required to purchase new school books, improve the religious curriculum, acquire teaching equipment, renovate the school buildings and student living dormitories, and pay teachers’ salaries.
We welcome Father Mpeka and if you are able, please be generous with a donation. Thank You!