We will have a display of beautiful and authentic olive wood carvings from the Holy Land the weekend of August 27 & 28, before and after masses in the vestibule of our church. The Christians of the Holy Land have been suffering and continue to live in difficult economical situations.  Olive wood carvings are part of a tradition handed down from one generation to another. Christian Families of Bethlehem have worked close to 2,000 years to protect the Holy sites in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Nazareth, and to spread the word of Jesus. For about the last 1,000 years they used carvings to keep the Bible alive in dimensions. Their mission is to support our fellow Christians in the Holy Land by selling some of their olive wood carvings which are a major source of their income.  Proceeds from the sale will benefit Christian families in Bethlehem, Holy Land. In the last century Christians were 37% of the Holy Land population but today they are only 5%. By your support through the purchasing of these wood carvings, 200 Christian families will be helped and will be able to remain in the Holy Land. As a form of payment for these unique gifts they accept cash, checks and credit cards. Father Jozef will gladly bless any items you purchase.

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