For everything, Dad, we thank you…

Always coming through,

Teaching us every day,

Helping us on our way,

Encouraging us in all we do,

Remaining strong, steady, and true!

To all fathers, grandfathers, Godfathers and father figures who provide love, protection, courage, good example and many other important things to us. We pray that our good and gracious God continue to bless them with all they need to fulfill their fatherly role to the best of their abilities. Our faith community would like to extend an invitation to all fathers and father figures in our parish to receive a small token of our appreciation for Father’s Day.

If you were not able to attend mass this weekend, please stop by the parish office this week for your pen.

Summer Mass Attendance: There is a website www.masstimes.org where you can find a catholic church if you happen to be traveling. Please use it so you don’t miss Sunday celebration of the Eucharist.