Our Parish is looking for leaders who are committed to our parish and our community. As a registered parishioner, you are invited to nominate another parishioner – or yourself – for a three-year term on the Parish Pastoral Council.

Eligible nominees must meet the following criteria:

· Roman Catholic

· Fully initiated in the Faith, i.e. received the Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation

· 18 years old or older

· Active member of the parish

· Not employed as a parish staff member

Please complete the information below and drop it in the collection basket, place it in the suggestion box in the vestibule of church or mail it to the Parish Office at: 623 E. Third Street, Bellwood, PA 16617

Nominations must be received in the Parish Office on or before May 21, 2022.

Nominees will be contacted to determine if they wish to be a candidate for the Council. Nominees will also be invited to an informational meeting with current Council members on __________________ at 7:00 PM

at ________________________ to learn more about Parish Pastoral Council

requirements and mission to help them discern whether they are called

to serve on the Parish Pastoral Council.

Name of Nominee: ____________________________________

Address of Nominee: ___________________________________

Home Telephone: ____________________

Work Telephone: _____________________

E-mail Address: _____________________________________

I make this nomination for the following reasons: _____________________________________________________________________


Submitter: ______________________________