Pope Francis wants to hear from the whole church about what is happening in local parishes. What does SYNOD mean? It means “Journeying together and listening to the Holy Spirit and each other to discern a path in which we can walk to-gether.
To Learn more about his SYNOD, we have set us workshops throughout the Diocese to enlighten people on just what this Synod is calling parishioners to engage.
The dates, times and places of the workshops are posted at the Church entrances and attached to the Bulletin. Everyone is invited to attend.

Sr. Linda would like to thank you for the beautiful Christmas Cards and gifts and for your loyal support throughout the year 2021.  Be the Blessing that you are.  In gratitude, Sr. Linda 

THANK YOU KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS for the Christmas Treats for our Children and the bowling/ Pizza Party. St. Joseph Parish is very blessed to have you for you have been a wonderful blessing to our parish.