PING CAN REAP INCOME POTENTIAL. Scrip will be one of our easiest Fundraising programs, since it doesn’t involve additional donation, spending additional money and without buying anything that you were not going to buy anyway. It just involves simply changing the way you spend your money and make purchases. Through the Scrip program, you can buy gift cards which you use in turn to make purchases instead of using cash, a check, or bank/credit card. By buying gift cards through St. Joseph, a portion of the cost is returned to our Parish. This DOES NOT increase the cost of the gift card for you, nor does it decrease the value of the card you receive. The price you pay is the value of the card you receive.

Do you buy groceries? Think about buying gift cards to your favorite grocery story to cover your weekly grocery budget. Do you use gas? Think about buying gift cards for fuel. Are you planning a home improvement or garden project? Think about buying gift cards from your favorite building supply store. Do you give Christmas Gift cards or Birthday gift Cards?
Think about buying them through our Scrip Program her at Saint Joseph Parish. All these opportunities will provide additional support to our Parish without costing you anything extra. Does this require effort on your part? Yes, it does, but it is simple. It requires that you think about your spending and your efforts to support Saint Joseph Parish. It requires that you plan and think about your budget. Once you get through the initial planning and change in your approach to spending, as well as develop a routine of buying and using scrip, you will find it to be a simple way to support the parish.

How do you start purchasing? It is simple. Place your order after any week- end Mass. The Coordinator will keep a variety of the most popular cards and order weekly for any vendors. There are also vendors who provide electronic card which load to a smart phone and can be refilled at any time. For more information, contact Tom Bucher.