CANTORS ARE NEEDED FOR ST. JOSEPH PARISH – Can you help? We are in need of one or two Cantors to lead the singing for the 4:00 p.m. Mass on Saturday evenings. Anyone who is willing to serve in this ministry is asked to contact either Beth Rossi or Sr. Linda. We all know that good music helps us to pray and to worship. It lifts our spirits to the point that we find ourselves singing the songs long after Mass is over. Saint Joseph Parish is a singing parish, so you won’t feel alone leading the singing; we promise to sing with you. Please give prayerful consideration to volun-teering for this ministry.

The 7th Annual Alpha Course will begin on Wednesday, September 8, with   Dinner provided, at 6:00 p.m., in the Parish Social Hall. Alpha can be a life-changing spiritual experience for anyone who is willing to give two hours each Wednesday to this experience.

Alpha is a series of sessions which explore the Christian faith and is designed to create conversation. Over 11 million people worldwide, from every walk of life, have engaged in Alpha.

The weekly video presentations explore the big issues of faith and unpack the basics of Christianity addressing questions from Who is Jesus?, How can I have faith?, to Why and how do I pray?  

Registration forms and the schedule can be found in the Alpha box in the Vestibule of the church, on the radiator.  For more information, contact Sr. Linda @ 814-742-7894.