OUR PARISH IS LOOKING FOR SINGERS TO FORM A SMALL CHOIR FOR THE SINGING OF OUR SAINT JOSEPH DAYS CELEBRATION IN SEPTEMBER – If you would like to join in the formation of this choir for this occasion, please contact Sr. Linda at 814-934-0699 or speak with Beth Rossi or Michael Glunt.
OUR PARISH IS IN NEED OF CANTORS – Lynnea Burr along with Emily Bucher have served as the Saturday evening Cantors for at least the last two years. Emily is in College now and Lynnea has moved out of town. We are seeking parishioners who would be willing to serve as a Cantor or to sing with another person for the 4:00 p.m. Saturday evening Mass. If you would like to consider this ministry, (Male or female, young, middle aged, mature) please contact Sister Linda at 814-934-0699. We thank both Emily Bucher and Lynnea for their time and for leading us in song over the years.