Sat., Jun. 12, 4:00 PM for the People by the Pastor

Sun., Jun. 13, 9:00 AM for Walter E. Chihon, Jr. by Stella Chihon, Godin, Thompson & Roy Families

Mon., Jun. 14, 8:00 AM for the People of St. Joseph Parish by Susan Wolf-Coleman

Tue., Jun. 15 6:00 PM for Fr. Raymond Crosser by the Penn Terrace Condo Assoc.

Wed., Jun. 16 7:30 AM Holy Hour

Sat., Jun. 19 4:00 PM for Fr. Raymond Crosser & the Deceased Members of his Family by his Estate

Sun., Jun. 20 9:00 AM for Jean Erbeck by Jim & Kathleen Moser

COMMUNION TIME OUTSIDE OF MASS: Saturdays, 5:05 PM and Sundays, following the 9 AM Mass, in front of the church.

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