SUMMER BIBLE CAMP IS SET FOR JUNE 21 – 25, Monday through Friday, from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Registrations are available in the vestibule of the Church.  Please register by May 16, so that we can prepare and order materials.  Children completing Pre-School age 4 and children in Kindergarten through Grade 6 and Special Needs are eligible to attend. 

ADULTS AND TEEN HELPERS ARE NEEDED FOR BIBLE CAMP – We welcome Teens and adults who are willing to help us with the Camp.  Registrations forms for both are in the vestibule of the Church.  If you are willing and able to assist, please complete the forms and connect with me so that I can set you up for the Safe Environment session.  Registration forms for adults and teen should be returned by May 9so that I can set individuals for the online training. 

 SUMMER BIBLE CAMP will be held this June from June 21 – 25 in the St. Joseph Parish Social Hall. Teachers and Teen Helpers are needed for Arts and Crafts, Snack Room, and Bible Stories. To sign up, please contact Sr. Linda at 934-0699.

AN ADULT EDUCATION CLASS on the Sacraments will be held for parents with children in the Bible Camp as well as anyone interested in participating in this class on the SACRAMENTS from 6-8:00 p.m.