On Saturday evening, nine Candidates received the Sacrament of Confirmation.  We are so proud of them!

Please Congratulate: 

Zachary Amato, Sponsor-Flo Bishop, Confirmation Name-Michael

Ashlyn Holby, Sponsor- Gere Rosensteel, Confirmation Name-Galla

Marty Hoover, Sponsor-Stevie Hoover, Confirmation Name-Peregrine 

Nathaniel Jennings, Sponsor-Timothy Mallon, Confirmation Name-Peter

Tessa Klock, Sponsor-Cheryl Weyandt, Confirmation Name-Elizabeth 

Marissa Lewis, Sponsor-Carol Eberhart, Confirmation Name-Rose 

Anna Lovrich, Sponsor-Ashley Brown, Confirmation Name-Cecilia 

Sean Mallon, Sponsor-Zachary Mallon, Confirmation Name-Daniel

Tyler Mercer, Sponsor-Dave Benton, Confirmation Name-Anthony