Sat., May 01, 4:00 PM, for the People by the Pastor

Sun., May 02, 9:00 AM, for the Paranich & Skonieczki  Families by Barbara Paranich

Mon., May 03, 8:00 AM, for the Deceased Members of the Chon-Homa-Nanouski families by Gary & Connie Godin & Family

Tue., May 04, 6:00 PM, for Michael Brown by Mr. & Mrs. Francis Brown

Wed., May 05, 7:30 AM Holy Hour

Sat., May 08, 4:00 PM, for Cody & Norma Belin by the Belin Family

Sun., May 09, 9:00 AM, for Don Beeler by Paul & Louise Krug

COMMUNION TIME OUTSIDE OF MASS: Saturday, 5:05 PM, ONLY, in front of the church.