Michael F.  Brown

By Francis & Patricia Brown

Family & Friends

By Leonard & Mary Burns

Justin Allen Bauer

Jeanne L. Taylor

By Margaret Burns

Walter E. Chihon

By Stella Chihon

Mr. & Mrs. Angelo DelMastro

Mr. & Mrs. Archie Lowery

By Thomas DelMastro

Deceased Family Members

By Judy Diebold

Raymond Diebold

Merril Barroner

By Ken & Cheryl Diebold

Robert Dill

By Elaine Dill

Sarah Evanskey

Mike Evanskey

Stacy Evanskey

Mickey Evanskey

By Thomas Evansky

Carl & Mary Jane Fraundorfer

By Dave & Debbie Fraundorfer

Carl Ferlitch, Sr.

Frances – Thomas Gmerek

John-Lena Ferlitch

Jerome Gmerek

By Alberta Ferlitch

Deceased Members of the Dan Geis Family

Daniel & Kay Geis

Mikayla Glunt

Ernestine Legacy

Lewis Legacy

Mary Torok

By Mike & Paula Glunt

Albert Greiner & Family

Hugh & Edna Saller

By Patty Greiner



Mr. & Mrs. John Bettwy

Delbert Hoffer

Ann Anderson

Ginny Kimberly

By Mike & Tanya Hoffer

Gary Huff, Jr.

Logan Huff

Thomas & Leona Moser

Zachary Huff

Colby Greiner

Donald & Betty Huff

By Gary and Judy Huff

Tom Jackson

Tom & Leona Moser

Tom & Pauline Jackson

Andrew & Tom Moser

By Ann Jackson

Chet Kowalski II

Ross Helsel, Sr.

By Michael & Pamela Kowalski

M/M Walter J. Maloney Sr.

James Yingling.

Susan Johnson

By Bill & Jenny William Maloney

Walter & Elva Saletnik

John & Mildred Megahan

Mark & Stephen Mazzarese

Alma Ball

By Robert Megahan

Miner Family

Moser Family

By Joan Miner

Tom & Arlene Hoover

Robert & Ethel Garland

Bobby Garland

Donald Moore

Jackie Moore

By Don and Wendy Moore

Charles Miner

Jerry & Eileen O’Shea

By Steve & Pam O’Shea



Arthur Partner

Hilda Wharton

George Wharton

Deaths of Covid

By Patricia Partner

Art & Sam Pfahler

Mother, Mildred Hornberger

Ray McFarland

Marjorie Harpster

Terry Wyland

David Hostler

By Kathleen Pfahler

Jacob Politza

By Mary Ann Politza

Deceased Parents

By Alois & Mary Poppenwimer

James A. Reed, Jr.

By Mary Reed

Franklin & Ann Roesch

Elaine & Frank Kranjac

Tony & Derna Kurtz

Roman & Mary Roesch

By Mary Roesch

Gene Siters

Martin & Ethel Carey

Billy Carey

Joann Woods

By Janet Siters

Naz Aposhian

Fran Nelson

Roddy Gerraughty

Darrell Brasure

Darin & Dana Tornatore



Robert DelGrosso

Barbara Paranich

Beth Rossi

Erminia Ruggiere

Esther Shock

Robert & Gloria Stultz

George & Rebecca Wertz


May the blessings of this most holy season renew your hearts and minds with His saving love as we celebrate THE GIFT OF NEW AND EVERLASTING LIFE bestowed on us by our good and gracious God.  May the light of Jesus’ resurrection always guide all your steps on your life journey. 

Father Jozef, Sister Linda & Parish Staff