SAINT JOSEPH CHURCH CELEBRATING 100 YEARS – As many of you may recall, in March of 2020, we had plans underway to celebrate our 100th Anniversary and had to put them on hold due to the Corona Virus. We are attempting once again to hold a Eucharistic celebration for this occasion. Since November 28 was the date that the new Church of St. Joseph was dedicated after its reconstruction following the fire, we are choosing this date to celebrate our 100th Anniversary. The 4:00 PM Saturday Mass., November 28, will be our Eucharistic Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of St. Joseph Parish. Bishop Mark has agreed to join us for this event and will Celebrate the Eucharist for us. It will be on a smaller scale due to the virus. We will have an archive display, prepared by Shawn Shaulis, of our Church’s history, in the early summer of 2021, to provide the opportunity for our parishioners to review the Archives of our parish. Mark your calendar and join us if you are able and if you feel safe. We will practice Social distancing and hope to have the Parish Social Hall open for live streaming the Mass to the church basement.