The Bellwood-Antis Council of Churches 2020-2021 Scholarship

Eligibility Considerations:

As in the past, the Council agreed to award the eligibility for the scholarship to those who are presently enrolled in an accredited undergraduate program and are presently in their second or third year, entering their third or fourth year; or enrolled in a seminary program.

To qualify for the scholarship, one must be a practicing member of a participating faith community of the Bellwood Council of Churches. In addition, the student must be studying for the ministry or some type of helping field. Examples of a helping field include, but are not limited to: teaching, social work, or medicine. Finally, the student should demonstrate financial need.

The underlying intent is a scholarship based on Christian dedication and need, designed to help one or more Christian young people to go to higher education if they might not be able to do so otherwise.

Requirements for Application:

In order to apply for the scholarship, students should do the following:

1) Submit the form entitled The Bellwood-Antis Council of Churches Scholarship Application.

2) Submit a letter of recommendation from your pastor.

3) Submit two essays:

Essay #1: Type a 500 word essay as to why you should be considered for this scholarship. Be sure to note any unusual needs that might be important in your selection. This essay is meant to focus upon who the student is and give the opportunity to describe themselves and their situation, feelings, and plans for the future. It is also appropriate to use this opportunity to explain how their field of study qualifies for this scholarship, and how they view their future work as a part of the greater ministry of God.

Essay #2: Answer the following questions:

What have you done or plan to do to earn money for college expenses?

List any civic or community groups to which you belong.

List any school activities and offices held.

This essay is meant to focus on the details of a student’s specific activities, rather than the student themselves.

Applications must be completed and returned no later than July 1st.

Please submit applications to:

B-A Council of Churches

Attn: B-A Council Scholarship

P.O. Box 135

Bellwood, PA 16617

Click Here for Scholarship application