Good and gracious Lord,

you destroy war and put down earthly pride,

you banish violence from our midst

and wipe away our tears.

On this Memorial Day,

we humbly pray to you God of power and mercy

for those men and women who courageously

laid down their lives

for the cause of freedom.

Bring them safely into your kingdom

of justice and peace to live with you forever.

May the examples of their sacrifice inspire in us

the selfless love of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.


Bless the families of our fallen troops,

and fill their homes and their lives

with your strength, comfort and peace.  


Please embolden us to answer the call

to work for lasting peace and true justice,

and thus seek an end to violence and conflict

in the world you created be good,

so that we may all deserve to be called

your sons and daughters.