BIBLE CAMP MEETING – Sunday, June 11, at 10:00 a.m., for teen and adult volunteers.

 Fundraising Meeting Please note that the Fundraising Meeting has been changed to Tuesday, June 13, at 6:30 pm.

 PARISH ASSOCIATION MEETING – Monday, July 17th at 6:30 pm .

 FINANCE COUNCIL MEETING – Wednesday, July 19, at 6:30 pm.


VOLUNTEER MINISTERS: We are going to be scheduling soon for the summer. Please let Alison know if there are any weeks during June, July, and August you are not available for serving. Drop a note in the collection basket, leave a note in the office door bin or email Alison at Thank you.


Saturday, May 27, 4:00 PM:

LECTORS: Volunteer needed-First Reader, T. Evanskey-Second Reader, M. Riggle-Introductions/Intercessions  


ALTAR SERVERS: A. Bucher & T. Smith

HOSPITALITY: S. Genesi, D. Kissell, N. Lovrich, B. Risbon

Sunday, May 28, 9:00 AM:

LECTORS: L. Krug-First Reader, S. Shaulis-Second Reader, D.Morrissey-Introduction & Intercession


ALTAR SERVERS: K. Shanafelt & Volunteer needed

HOSPITALITY: D. Cole, T. DelMastro, E. Hunter, M. Kowalski

Saturday, Jun 3, 4:00 PM:
LECTORS: Sr. Linda-First Reader, T. Bucher-Second Reader, A. Bucher-Introductions/Intercessions


ALTAR SERVERS: A. Bucher & T. Smith

HOSPITALITY: S. Genesi, J. Genesi, N. Lovrich, B. Risbon

Sunday, Jun 4, 9:00 AM:
LECTORS: N. Lovrich-First Reader, A. Amato-Second Reader, V. Cacciotti-Introduction & Intercession


ALTAR SERVERS: E. Caldwell & N. Lovrich

HOSPITALITY: T. Carosielli, R. DelGrosso, T. DelMastro, W. Rossi.

Sat, May 27 4:00 PM for Patricia Brown by Ann Patricia Greiner
Sun, May 28 9:00 AM for the People by the Pastor

Mon, May 29 NO MASS

Tue, May 30 8:00 AM* for Joey Belis by the Halbedl Family
Wed, May 31 7:30 AM Holy Hour with Communion
Sat, Jun 03 4:00 PM for the intentions of our Parish by Susan Wolf
Sun, Jun 04 9:00 AM for Leonard Rossi by the Rossi Family


Jan 1st:  986 $150  Finn Bailey
Jan 2nd:  945 $25  Lauren Nevling
Jan 3rd:  371 $25  David Venziale
Jan 4th:  410 $25  Cindy Kauffman
Jan 5th:  475 $25  Lisa Johns
Jan 6th:  788 calendar not sold
Jan 7th:  962 $25  Carl & Nancee Crider
Jan 8th:  804 $50  Wanda & Chuck Pennington
Jan 9th:  445 calendar not sold
Jan 10th:  500 calendar not sold
Jan 11th:  850 calendar not sold
Jan 12th:  980 $25  Bill & Renee Brunner
Jan 13th:  260 $25  Joni Hutchison
Jan 14th:  299 $25  Roger Perrin
Jan 15th:  568 $50  Ron Knittle
Jan 16th:  285 calendar not sold
Jan 17th:  976 $25  Sophia Galvin
Jan 18th:  989 $25  Melissa Tonkin
Jan 19th:  969 calendar not sold
Jan 20th:  129 $25  Bobby Mock Sr
Jan 21st:  311 $25  Joe DelGrosso
Jan 22nd:  585 $50  Joe Montrella
Jan 23rd:  359 $25  Chris Bouley
Jan 24th:  404 $25  Carol Rice
Jan 25th:  614 calendar not sold
Jan 26th:  883 $25  Dina Morrissey
Jan 27th:  598 $25  Rodney Bollman Jr
Jan 28th:  972 $25  Barb Whiteford
Jan 29th:  882 calendar not sold
Jan 30th:  344 $25  Deborah Shelow
Jan 31st:  483 $25  Brad Schmittle


Feb 1st:  887 $25  Tayler Hileman
Feb 2nd:  737 $25  Karen Diebold
Feb 3rd:  321 $25  Michael Christie
Feb 4th:  122 $25  Michele Stetter
Feb 5th:  797 calendar not sold
Feb 6th:  794 $25  Linda Elvey
Feb 7th:  399 $25  Jenna McGregor
Feb 8th:  285 calendar not sold
Feb 9th:  768 calendar not sold
Feb 10th:  220 $25  Kathy Parks
Feb 11th:  154 $25  Carl & Nancee Crider
Feb 12th:  697 $50  Kat Galvin
Feb 13th:  766 $25  Michael Temley
Feb 14th:  928 calendar not sold
Feb 15th:  567 calendar not sold
Feb 16th:  772 calendar not sold
Feb 17th:  084 $25  Madeline Fisher
Feb 18th:  660 $25  Melinda Mickel
Feb 19th:  974 calendar not sold
Feb 20th:  553 $75  Dylan Andrews
Feb 21st:  521 $25  Mary Louise Ball
Feb 22nd:  557 $25  Angela Diebold
Feb 23rd:  941 $25  Justine Malinick
Feb 24th:  637 calendar not sold 
Feb 25th:  047 $25  Maegan Citron
Feb 26th:  148 $50  Rick Luba
Feb 27th:  853 calendar not sold
Feb 28th:  779 $25  C. Andrew Schandelmeier
Mar 1st:  322 $25  Theresa Rachael

Mar 2nd:  351 $25  Mary Jane Cornelius
Mar 3rd:  757 $25  Germaine Crocker
Mar 4th:  780 $25  Andrew Gatchell
Mar 5th:  796 calendar not sold
Mar 6th:  897 $25  Flora Bishop
Mar 7th:  014 $25  Mary Poppenwiner
Mar 8th:  802 calendar not sold
Mar 9th:  436 $25  George Wertz
Mar 10th:  119 calendar not sold
Mar 11th:  954 $25  Bo & Sandi DelGrossO
Mar 12th:  281 $50  Mike & Alison Amato
Mar 13th:  322 $25  Theresa Rachael
Mar 14th:  274 $25  Lois Claycomb
Mar 15th:  411 $25  Cathy DelGrosso
Mar 16th:  918 $25  Marie Kissell
Mar 17th:  554 $75  Joe DelGrosso
Mar 18th:  415 $25  Stephanie Godfrey
Mar 19th:  873 $100  Rick Bowers
Mar. 20th:  699 $25  Dennis Auerbeck
Mar. 21st:  603 $25  Diane Pelter
Mar. 22nd:  296 $25  Andrew Farrell
Mar. 23rd:  364 $25  Tim Schirf
Mar. 24th:  476 $25  Mindy Bookhamer
Mar. 25th:  410 $25  Cindy Kaufman
Mar. 26th:  761 calendar not sold
Mar. 27th:  752 calendar not sold
Mar. 28th:  639 $25  Diane Glasgow
Mar. 29th:  050 $25  John Miller
Mar. 30th:  703 $25  Vicky Hamer
Mar. 31st:  134 calendar not sold

Apr. 1st:  452 calendar not sold
Apr. 2nd:  621 $50  Gary Dietzel
Apr. 3rd:  249 $25  Chris Bouley
Apr.4th:  500 calendar not sold
Apr. 5th:  892 $25  Cheryl Diebold
Apr.6th:  454 calendar not sold
Apr.7th:  240 $25  Bonnie Belis
Apr. 8th:  098 $25  Kim Rice
Apr. 9th:  865 $200  Linda Elvey

Apr. 10th: 763 $25 Tanya Hoffer
Apr. 11th: 339 calendar not sold
Apr. 12th: 084 $25 Madeline Fisher
Apr. 13th: 003 $25 Chris Bouley
Apr. 14th: 616 $25 Sherrell Whiteford
Apr. 15th: 257 $25 Mary Oeca
Apr. 16th: 299 $50 Roger Perrin
Apr. 17th: 500 calendar not sold
Apr. 18th: 548 calendar not sold
Apr. 19th: 452 calendar not sold
Apr. 20th: 982 $25 Lois Hampton
Apr. 21st: 218 $25 Dan Cox
Apr. 22nd: 267 $50 Karen Diebold
Apr. 23rd: 827 $50 Sherry DelGrosso

Apr. 24th: 323 $25 Chris Burns
Apr 25th: 416 calendar not sold
Apr. 26th: 577 $25 Shelly Hanczar
Apr. 27th: 412 $25 Michael & Emily Sauer
Apr. 28th: 999 calendar not sold
Apr. 29th: 992 $25 Kathleen Buckrop
Apr. 30th: 295 $50 Mary Jo Caracciolo

May 1st: 365 $100 Sue & Dave Heininger
May 2nd: 681 $25 Matt White
May 3rd: 754 $25s Karen Burr
May 4th: 444 $25 Dennis Yingling
May 5th: 169 $25 Janine Schirf
May 6th: 719 $25 Joni Jarrett
May 7th: 989 $50 Melissa Tonkin
May 8th: 649 calendar not sold
May 9th: 712 calendar not sold
May 10th: 043 $25 Barbara Snyder
May 11th: 610 $25 Esther Shock
May 12th: 537 $25 Alec Steinbauer
May 13th: 837 $25 Gardella
May 14th: 454 calendar not sold

May 15th:  570   calendar not sold

May 16th:  248 $25  Dick & Leah Dallasen

May 17th:  988 $25  Ira Bailey 

May 18th:  290 $25  Mary Jo Caracciolo

May 19th:  846 $25  Sarah Caracciolo

May 20th:  480 $25  Amy Shanafelt

May 21st:  391 $50  Debbie Balkavich

NEW PARISH COUNCIL MEMBERS – On Pentecost Sunday, it has been our practice to select new Council members to replace those completing their three- or six-year terms. We need to replace three members this year. Please call Sr. Linda is you are interested in serving on the Parish Pastoral Council by June 4, 2023 at 814-742-7894.

VOLUNTEER MINISTERS: The volunteer schedule for May is available online. We are going to be scheduling soon for the summer. Please let Alison know if there are any weeks during June, July, and August you are not available for serving. Drop a note in the collection basket, leave a note in the office door bin or email Alison at Thank you.

WELCOME FATHER MICHAEL – Saint Joseph Parish Welcomes you, Father Michael. We look forward to having you Pastor our Parish for many years to come. Trust that we will be here to help and support you with whatever you need. We are very grateful to have a priest to celebrate the Mass with us each weekend. God’s hand of blessing be upon you.

Fr. Michael Pleva attended Gannon University and St. Mark Seminary in Erie, PA from 2013-2017. He attended St. Vincent Seminary in Latrobe from 2017-2021 and was ordained a priest on May 29, 2021. He comes to us after serving in State College and Philipsburg. Fr. Michael is excited to walk with us on this journey towards eternal life. His goal is to serve well. He asks for many prayers as he begins his new assignments!

As of May 31, 2022, our Parish has exceeded the Diocesan Goal of $19,337.00 for the Catholic  Ministries Drive. Thanks to your generosity, we have raised $21,920.58 thus far. The drive continues until the end of the year, so if you haven’t yet contributed and the spirit moves you, it’s not too late. Anything we raise from here on out will come back to our parish to be used for our much needed
repair projects. Thank you again for supporting Saint Joseph Parish.